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Citizen-First ServiceNow Solutions

Designed to make public sector processes more efficient, transparent, and responsive to the needs of citizens

Modernizing California Government for the digital age

We help agencies replace paper-based legacy applications under a single data model to Serve citizens more quickly

Citizen Engagement

Ensuring citizens can easily interact with public services-Platforms for feedback, complaints, and service requests

Service Automation

Automation of routine tasks, including automating application processing, case management, and service delivery.


Connect with other Government systems for seamless data flow and collaboration across departments

Self-Service Portals

Enabling citizens to access information on mobile, manage request services, and track status without a need for in person visit.

Citizen-First ServiceNow Solutions aim to transform the way public services are delivered

California Local Agencies


California State Agencies


Commercial Sector


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A New Type of Agency: Agile and Anticipatory

AI and automation should not control what we’re doing. It should help us do it better
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’A single pane of glass’ remains a very important concept. When we talk to the VA, they want one place to go to
Doruk AkanEnterprise Executive Architect, IBM
When we’re in a crisis year and having to develop systems, ServiceNow has been instrumental in helping us get capability applications to market in days and weeks rather than months and years.
Ken RogersIT Digital Strategist, U.S. Department of State
If we’re going to provide twenty-first century services to citizens in the way that they need them today, especially post-COVID, I don’t see any better tool for that than ServiceNow
Joseph CevetelloCIO

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